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Meråker Mountain Challenge - Marathon


1. Litjkjølhaugen
2. Rundfjellet
3. Blåberga
4. Midtiklumpen
5. Kjerringfjellet
6. Huva
7. Teveltunet (mål)


1152 MASL
1014 MASL
1094 MASL
1015 MASL
1073 MASL
1017 MASL
 450 MASL



Mountainous terrain
Mountainous terrain
A bit swamp, mostly mountainous terrain
Swamp, a bit woodland
Mountainous terrain
Mixed swamp and mountainous terrain
Dirtroad the last 2 km

MMCM starts at Sulåmo and goes over 6 of Meråkers thousand meter peaks.

The marathon starts at 410 MASL and goes after the forest trail for the first three kilometers before it reaches the Snaufjellet. MMCM is Norway's only mountain marathon which has less than 2 km of gravel / asphalt road. After seven km, MMCM enters the ultra track and follows this in the same action-free and magnificent wilderness to the target Teveltunet Fjellstue 455 MASL. The highest point of the trail, Litjkjølhaugen 1152 MASL. Coming already after 7 km. The track is controlled to 42,195 m.


MMCM is the mountain race for those who want to navigate the exact marathon resistance in the mountains.

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