Starting time

Ultra hike: 07.00
Ultra competition 09.00
Marathon everybody: 11.00
Huva: from kl 10.00


For those who want to stay before and after the race, one can do it at Teveltunet fjellstue -


For those who participate in the course there will be food at Teveltunet and on the tops. Teveltunet will also have food sales for the the public. There is also a restaurant and takeaway in Meråker

Sissels Spiseri -

(Here are the pizzas called up after the peaks! )


Information for the participants

Information will be sent to all participants via e-mail. If you are wondering anything before the information comes, please contact!



We will have an overview of the participants who will be updated continuously throughout the course on the website. The same information will be on the big screen at Teveltunet.



There will be free skips for the participants from Teveltunet until the start of the race. Check this for registration if you wish.


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Information will also be posted on this page continuously!

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We warmly welcome you to the Meråker Mountain Challenge adventure

And wish you all a really nice trip! :)


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